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Warranty and Return Policies

Products you have purchased can be returned back within 15 days after the delivery. Returning Rules:

1)  Original box and packaging of the product you want to return must be intact. Products without the package will certainly not be accepted.

2)  You have to send a letter stating the returning reason and the bill with the product.

3)  Shipping cost belongs to you.

Information About Security

1)  Confirmation of the cardholder is made during the transaction with credit card purchases for the safety of our customers. Approval is get by the security department of your bank reaching you through the landline phone number in your personal information and inform us. The product you have purchased will not be shipped if the approval of the bank does not reach.

2)  Make sure that your personal information in is not shared with other organizations.

3)  Make sure that you entered information correctly for you will be reached by your landline phone number if a security control is needed.

4)  All shipments are made to the relevant party and the provided address. In the absence of the recipient at the specified address, shipment can be made to a after collecting his\her ID information.

5)  You can click SecuredByThawte logo at the right corner of our homepage to have more detailed information.

Information About Shipping and Delivery

You can browse categories and use filtering feature to access a desired product on our site. If you wish, you can use search section and find any product you want by typing keywords in the entire site.

To do shopping, you can add any product you want to your cart by clicking add to cart button. There are information such as pictures, description, price and quantity of your product in your cart. In case of changing the quantity, you have to update your cart.

Delivery and billing information appears in the new page after clicking buy the product. You can choose one of the addresses you entered before, you can add a new address or you can update your existing information. If the information is incomplete, your order will not be approved and you’ll receive a warning message. Make sure you have entered the information completely and correctly.

You can make the payment by clicking continue after selecting delivery – billing address and shipping option.

In this page, it will be enough to enter your credit card information or the bank you are going to transfer the money after checking order information last time. You can perform the purchase transaction after this stage.

Details of the order and order number will be notified to you via e-mail.

The status of your order and delivery information will be notified to you via e-mail.

You can reach us through to cancel your order until it has been shipped. You can specify separate addresses for bill and dispatch note in gift orders. Product will be sent to the address you want with dispatch note, and the bill will be sent to you.


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